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Commission-free online ordering, built just for your brand.

Market Your Brand to Your Customers.
Take UNLIMITED Orders.

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Simplify Your Online ordering process.

Take control with an online ordering system branded to your business. Allow your customers to place orders directly from your website and social media accounts. COMMISSION FREE!

Grow Your Own Customer Base, Rely Less On Third-party Platforms.

Bringing your brand in front of customers is a CRITICAL part of business continuity.

Identify your loyal customers, then up-sell, cross-sell and make use of festive and seasonal promotions to reward them for their loyalty.

With your own online ordering system that is branded to your business, you can craft it all to how it will best work for your business. Stay flexible and diversify your risk with less reliance on 3rd party platforms.

Control Your Expenses

Bring convenience and let your customers order directly through your own website and social media accounts.

Retain Customer Insights

Access and own valuable data and statistics to understand your customers better. Know what works best for your business.

Orders From Anywhere, Everywhere

Let your customers discover you online and have easy access to you to order directly from their smartphones, tablets and desktops.

ZERO Commissions

A powerful online ordering system capable of handling unlimited menu items and online orders with ZERO COMMISSIONS!

Hawker, Cafe, Restaurant & Home-based Food Business

What You get with foodHippo Ordering System

Customer Acquisition

Bring yourself to your customers online. Build your own brand and voice. Let them know who you are and what you can bring to them on the table.

Online Integration

Integrate your web and social media accounts. Help your customers order directly from you from their desktops and mobile devices.

Order Receiving App

Accept and let your customers know when their orders will be ready; in real-time!

Payment Readiness

Give your customers a choice and be ready for multiple payment options. Cash, PayNow or PayLah. You choice.

Digital Marketing Services

Access and partner with our digital growth managers to help strategise your digital growth and support your expansion plans.

Professional Onboarding Assistance

Allow us to help you get onboard easily. Our dedicated and professional team of expert advisors are ready to help.

Our Story

We are a group of foodies, travellers, photographers and geeks who started our digital journey in the early 2000s.

In the past few years, we noticed how technology has changed customer behaviours and their impact on many eateries. Many excellent eateries have lost customers and even their businesses due to a widening digital gap. If this were to continue, many of the unique food cultures would be eventually lost. So what are the challenges they face?  Many are simply unable to meet with the changes quickly in ways that work. They are not able to market themselves online effectively and provide a cost-effective online ordering option to their customers at the same time.

This is why FoodHippo, a commission-free online ordering system, was started.

Our Mission

To help local eateries connect to their customers digitally and begin generating online revenue immediately.

We believe with some help, the taste, heritage and stories behind many local foods can be preserved for the generations to come.

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